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Title: ZSM 5 SBA 15 microporous mesoporous composites prepared by a microwave assisted zeolitisation of Al-SBA 15 mesoporous solids
Authors: Habib, Sami
Launay, Franck
Zakhem, Henri El 
Vorobiev, Eugene
Affiliations: Department of Chemical Engineering 
Issue Date: 2013
Part of: Mesoporous solids
Volume: 48
Issue: 3
Start page: 1288
End page: 1295
ZSM-5/SBA-15 composites with high textural properties were synthesised by a microwave-assisted zeolitisation of Al-SBA-15 in the presence of tetrapropylammonium bromide. The effect of the hydrothermal treatment temperature and of ammonium fluoride, often used as a catalyst, was studied. Resulting materials were characterised by XRD, SEM, N2 sorption, HR-TEM, hyperpolarised Xe NMR, pyridine sorption as well as by their stability toward boiling water. It was shown that the hydrothermal synthesis has to be carried out at 140 °C in order to better preserve the structure of the mesoporous precursor. Composite materials could be obtained only from a fluoride-free synthesis at short crystallisation times, t < 5 h. Appearance of 2–5 nm nanoparticles in some of the corresponding samples, has been related to the increase in the total acidity. Inclusion of zeolitic material in the remaining Al-SBA-15 structure was demonstrated by hyperpolarised xenon NMR studies.
Type: Journal Article
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