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Title: Pectin shows antibacterial activity against Helicobacter pylori
Authors: Daoud, Ziad
Sura, Mihir
Abdel-Massih, Roula
Affiliations: Faculty of Medicine 
Department of Biology 
Keywords: Antibacterial Activity
Subjects: Pectin
Helicobacter pylori
Issue Date: 2013
Part of: Advances in bioscience and bitechnology
Volume: 4
Start page: 273
End page: 277
Pectins are the collective name for a group of heterogeneous, high molecular weight, branched polysaccharides that are found in the cell walls of higher plants. In this study, we intend to determine the antibacterial activity of pectin against reference strains and clinical isolates of Helicobacter pylori. The results show that pectin produced antibacterial effects on all the 16 clinical isolates and 2 reference strains of H. pylori with the greatest antibacterial effect at a low pH (5.0) versus higher pHs. The lowest Minimum Inhibitory Concentration recorded was of 0.016 μg/μl. Antibiotic resistance, therapy costs, and undesirable side effects stress the need for new antimicrobials or alternative therapies. The results from our study can further our goal of future eradication of H. pylori infection using new molecules.
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Type: Journal Article
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