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Title: Multivariate monitoring of surface water quality: physico-chemical, microbiological and 3D fluorescence characterization
Authors: Daou, Claude
Hoz, Mervat El
Kassouf, Amine
Legube, Bernard
Affiliations: Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Keywords: PCA
Fluorescence EEMs
Surface water quality
Water mass reference
Subjects: Lebanon
Issue Date: 2020
Part of: Water
Volume: 12
Issue: 6
Start page: 1
End page: 18
The primary objective of this study is to explore a water quality database on two Mediterranean rivers (the Kadisha-Abou Ali and El Jaouz rivers—located in north Lebanon), considering their physicochemical, microbiological and fluorescence characteristics. Principal Component Analysis (PCA) was applied to the matrix gathering physicochemical and microbiological data while the Common Components and Specific Weight Analysis (CCSWA) or ComDim was used for fluorescence excitation-emission matrices (EEMs). This approach provided complementary and valuable information regarding water quality in such complex ecosystem. As highlighted by the PCA and ComDim scores, the Kadisha-Abou Ali River is highly influenced by anthropogenic activities because its watershed districts are intensively populated. This influence reveals the implication of organic and bacteriological parameters. To the contrary, the El Jaouz watershed is less inhabited and is characterized by mineral parameters, which determines its water quality. This work highlighted the relationship between fluorescence EEMs and major water quality parameters, enabling the selection of reliable water quality indicators for the studied rivers. The proposed methodology can surely be generalized to the monitoring of surface water quality in other rivers. Each customized water quality fingerprint should constantly be inspected in order to account for any emerging pollution.
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Type: Journal Article
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