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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Jun-2023Water quality parameters assessment of ras el-Ain natural ponds, tyr, lebanonKhatib, Milad; Daoud, Mohamad; Arairo, Wahib ; Saba, Marianne ; Mortada, Hussein
22018Valorisation d’un mâchefer d’incinération de déchets non dangereux en substitution du sable dans des mortiers de ciments portland et sulfo-alumineuxAntooun, Marc; Aouad, Georges ; BecquartB, Frédéric; Saba, Marianne ; Gerges, Najib N. 
327-Jan-2023Use of Seashell and Limestone Fillers in Metakaolin-Based Geopolymers for Masonry MortarsAssaad, Joseph ; Saba, Marianne 
42013Use of analog models to simulate flow recession of karstic springsSaba, Marianne ; Carlier, Eric; Gerges, Najib N. 
511-Oct-2023Use of aluminum powder for the development of a sustainable paste used in the restoration of historical monumentsSaba, Marianne ; Arairo, Wahib ; Sabalbal, Ghina; Bachawati, Makram El ; Absi, Joseph
6Nov-2020Thermal performance assessment of a clay hollow-brick masonry wall subjected to fireKontoleon, Karolos; Bakas, Iasonas; Georgiadis Filikas, Konstantinos; Saba, Marianne 
719-May-2023Sustainable Wastewater Treatment Using Reed BedSaba, Marianne ; Khatib, Milad; Arairo, Wahib ; Absi, Joseph
811-Oct-2023Sustainable approach in the restoration of his approach in the restoration of historical monuments using geopolymer materialAbsi, Joseph; Adgham, Sarah Al; Sabalbal, Ghina; Arairo, Wahib ; Saba, Marianne 
911-Oct-2023Sustainability and durability of cracked concrete with geopolymer binderFrangieh, Carina; Saba, Marianne ; Karmaoui, Dorra; Lafhaj, Zoubeir
102020Suitability of metakaolin-based geopolymers for underwater applicationsHwalla, Joud; Saba, Marianne ; Assaad, Joseph 
112020Suitability of metakaolin-based geopolymers for masonry plasteringAssaad, Joseph ; Saba, Marianne 
122-Dec-2021River Water Quality and Quantity Determinants in a Developing CountryKhoury, Ibrahim El; Merheb, Caroline; Ghanimeh, Sophia; Atieh, Maya; Saba, Marianne 
132020Regression models to predict workability and strength of flowable concrete containing recycled aggregatesSaba, Marianne ; Homsi, Farah; Gerges, Najib N. ; Assaad, Joseph 
1421-Sep-2022Physicochemical and microbiological characteristics of Ras El-Ain basin, Tyr, LebanonKhatib, Milad; Daoud, Mohamad; Arairo, Wahib ; Saba, Marianne ; Mortada, Hussein
1526-Dec-2022Mechanical characterization and environmental assessment of stabilized earth blocksArairo, Wahib ; Saba, Marianne ; Bachawati, Makram El ; Absi, J.; Kontoleon, K. J.
1630-Mar-2023Investigation on partially replacing metakaolin with marine shell waste to produce sustainable eco-friendly geopolymer mortarsSaba, Marianne ; Tehrani, Fateh Fakhari; Hajikarimi, Pouria; Absi, Joseph
172008Groundwater analysis in north LebanonHoz, Mervat El; Saba, Marianne ; Yammine, Paolo ; Nakat, Hanna El 
182008Groundwater analysis in North LebanonSaba, Marianne 
1922-Dec-2022Geopolymer: A new sustainable repairing material for concrete cracksFrangieh, C.; Saba, Marianne ; Karmaoui, D.; Lafhaj, Z.
2011-Oct-2023Geopolymer as an Innovative Material for Green Roofs- A State-of-the-Art ReviewSaba, Marianne ; Perez, Gabriel; Coma, Julià; Polls, Mireia