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Daba, Jihad S.
Dubois, Jean-Pierre
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12005Traffic estimation in wireless networks using filtered doubly stochastic point processesDaba, Jihad S. 
22003Synthetic aperture radar surface reflectivity estimation using a marked point-process speckle modelDaba, Jihad S. ; Bell, Mark R
32007SVM-Based Detection of SAR Images in Partially Developed Speckle NoiseDaba, Jihad S. ; Abdullatif, O.M
42020Supervised machine learning classifiers for diversity combined signals in 6G massive MIMO receiversDaba, Jihad S. ; Abdul-Latif, Omar M.
531-Dec-2022Stochastic Models for the Fading Channel Success Rate of Sub-6G UWB SystemsDaba, Jihad S. 
62005Statistical multiplexing of VBR video in ATM using a hybrid markov modulated poisson process and fluid approximation modelDaba, Jihad S. ; Chiu, H.M
72017Statistical modeling of mobile fading channels based on triply stochastic filtered marked poisson point processesDaba, Jihad S. 
82015Statistical modeling of local area fading channels based on triply stochastic filtered marked poisson point processesDaba, Jihad S. 
92002Segmentation of speckled ultrasound images based on a statistical modelDaba, Jihad S. 
102008Segmentation of speckled images using a likelihood random field modelDaba, Jihad S. ; Bell, Mark R
112008Scattering statistics of doppler faded acoustic signals using speckle noise modelsDaba, Jihad S. 
122-Mar-2023Revisited Otsu Algorithm for Skin Cancer SegmentationAlaa Tom; Daba, Jihad S. 
132008Recent advances in wireless systemsDaba, Jihad S. 
142007Recent Advances in Wireless MIMO Sytems with Improved Receiver Diversity CombinersDaba, Jihad S. 
152009Probability distributions for multiplicative noise in internet associated wireless cells and in speckled imagesDaba, Jihad S. ; Jreije, Philip
162008Poisson modulated stochastic model for partially developed multi-look speckleDaba, Jihad S. 
172011Performance of UWB system in a partially developed fading channel with CCIAbdul-Latif, Omar M.; Daba, Jihad S. 
182020Performance of ultra wide band systems in high speed wireless personal area networksDaba, Jihad S. 
192018Performance analysis in 5th generation massive multiple-input-multiple-output systemsDaba, Jihad S. ; Soury, Georges El
202017Peak data rate enhancement using switched micro-macro diversity in cellular MIMO systemsDaba, Jihad S. ; Antar, Yvette