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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12021Toxoplasmosis: Current and Emerging Parasite Druggable TargetsHajj, Rana El; Tawk, Lina ; Itani, Shaymaa; Hamie, Maguy; Ezzeddine, Jana; El Sabban, Marwan; El Hajj, Hiba
22014A novel plasmodium-specific prodomain fold regulates the malaria drug target SUB1 subtilaseGiganti, David; Bouillon, Anthony; Tawk, Lina ; Robert, Fabienne; Martinez, Mariano; Crublet, Elodie; Weber, Patrick; Girard-Blanc, Christine; Petres, Stéphane; Haouz, Ahmed; Hernandez, Jean-François; Mercereau-Puijalon, Odile; Alzari, Pedro M.; Barale, Jean-Christophe
32014Lipid kinases are essential for apicoplast homeostasis in Toxoplasma gondiiDaher, Wassim; Morlon-Guyot, Juliette; Sheiner, Lilach; Lentini, Gaëlle; Berry, Laurence; Tawk, Lina ; Dubremetz, Jean-François; Wengelnik, Kai; Striepen, Boris; Lebrun, Maryse
42021Comprehensive Overview of Toxoplasma gondii-Induced and Associated DiseasesDaher, Darine; Shaghlil, Ahmad; Sobh, Eyad; Hamie, Maguy; Hassan, Malika Elhage; Moumneh, Mohamad Bahij; Itani, Shaymaa; El Hajj, Rana; Tawk, Lina ; El Sabban, Marwan; El Hajj, Hiba