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120033-D Image registration using neural network approach and evaluationAbche, Antoine ; Dagher, Issam ; Karam, Elie 
22009Above the nominal limit performance evaluation of multiwavelength optical code-division multiple-access systemsInaty, Elie ; Raad, Robert; Fortier, Paul; Shalaby, Hossam M. H.
32015Active control for power quality improvement in hybrid power systemsFrangieh, Walid; Najjar, Maged B. 
42011Adaptive bandwidth mode detection algorithmDagher, Issam ; Dahdah, Kawkab
52006Art networks with geometrical distancesDagher, Issam 
62008Bandwidth provisioning in internet access nodes using EWMA and ADM algorithmsInaty, Elie ; Sleiman, Marwan
72017Battery modeling and lifetime predictionSalameh, Jack; Ghossein, Nagham El; Hassan, Moustapha El ; Karami, Nabil; Najjar, Maged B. 
82015Breaking down captcha using edge corners and fuzzy logic segmentation/recognition techniqueNachar, Rabih ; Inaty, Elie ; Bonnin, Patrick J; Alayli, Yasser
930-Jan-2023Carrier phase recovery of LDPC-coded systems based on the likelihood difference algorithmImad, Rodrigue ; Houcke, Sebastien
102012CDMA based dynamic bandwidth allocation (CDBA) scheme for EPONInaty, Elie ; Raad, Robert; Fortier, Paul
112018A CDMA-based dynamic power and bandwidth allocation (DPBA) scheme for multiclass EPONInaty, Elie ; Raad, Robert
122018Channels load measurement in wifi networksSaliba, Danielle; Imad, Rodrigue ; Houcke, Sebastien
132012Clustering with complex centersDagher, Issam 
142012Code division multiple access enabled dynamic bandwidth allocation (CDBA) scheme for EPONInaty, Elie ; Raad, Robert; Fortier, Paul; Maier, Martin
151-Dec-2018Combined DCT-Haar transforms for image compressionDagher, Issam ; Saliba, Mireille; Farah, Rachelle
162019Combined wavelet and gabor convolution neural networksDagher, Issam ; Abu Jamra, Samir
172003A comparative study of the category choice of the fuzzy ART with the L -1 normDagher, Issam 
182012Complex fuzzy c-means algorithmDagher, Issam 
192015Compression techniques for medical images transmission over multi core optical fiber using CDMAAbche, Antoine ; Salam, Alaa; Inaty, Elie ; Karam, Elie 
202019Constant time hardware architecture for a gaussian smoothing filterAkkad, Ghattas ; Ayoubi, Rafic ; Abche, Antoine