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12013Corporate Governance Practices and the Role of the Board of Directors : Evidence from UAE Conventional and Islamic BanksTamimi, Hussein A. Al-; Charif, Husni 
22021Dynamic Connectedness between Uncertainty and Energy Markets: Do Investor Sentiments Matter?Assaf, Ata ; Charif, Husni ; Mokni, Khaled
32021Fractal Connectivity Networks of Select Stock Returns Exhibiting Long Range DependenceAssaf, Ata 
42018Identifying Market Inefficiency in the Art Markets: Evidence from Spectral and Entropy Measures,Assaf, Ata 
52015Learning Outcome Assessment : A Demo on the MBA Program at UOBCharif, Husni ; Nasr, Karim 
62015Long Memory and Level Shifts in REITS Returns and VolatilityAssaf, Ata 
72015Long Memory and Level Shifts in REITS Returns and VolatilityAssaf, Ata 
8-Market Efficiency in the Arts Markets Using a Combination of Long Memory, Fractal Dimension, and Approximate Entropy Measures,Assaf, Ata ; Kristoufek, L; Demir, E; Mitra, S.K
92017Market Efficiency in the Arts Markets: Evidence from Unit Root Tests with a Level Shift at Unknown TimeAssaf, Ata 
102017Market Efficiency in the MENA Equity Markets : Evidence from Newly Developed Tests and Regime ChangeAssaf, Ata ; Charif, Husni 
112016MENA stock market volatility persistence: Evidence before and after the financial crisis of 2008Assaf, Ata 
122011Multiple approaches in performance assessment of UAE commercial banksTamimi, Hussein A. Al-; Charif, Husni 
132019The Oil Prices and MENA Equity Markets: Evidence from Frequency and Nonparametric Granger Causality TestsAssaf, Ata 
142016Persistence in the Returns and Volatility of Gold Prices Expressed in Different Currencies: True or Spurious Long MemoryAssaf, Ata 
152017The Stochastic Volatility Model, Regime Switching and Value-at-Risk (VaR) in International Equity MarketsAssaf, Ata 
162018Testing for bubbles in the art markets : An empirical investigationAssaf, Ata 
172017Uncovering frequency domain causality between gold and the stock markets of China and India : Evidence from implied volatility indicesBouri, Elie; Roubaud, David; Jammazi, Rania; Assaf, Ata 
182015Value-at-Risk Analysis in the MENA Equity Markets: Fat Tails and Conditional Asymmetries in Return DistributionsAssaf, Ata