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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Natural convection heat transfer between an eccentric circular cylinder inside a tilted square enclosureSamrout, Ragheb
2023Needs assessment, community work and database management : Flamme de CharitéAbi Raji, Claudia
2018Network of binary SVMs for facial expression recognitionDahdah, Elio; Shakik, Morshed
2020A new strategy for dynamic RWA in all-optical WDM networks using delay and congestion constrained optimized RWA heuristic algorithm (DCO)Abi Raad, Yara
2021The Nietzschean rapture in art depicted in Virginia Woolf's literature and Cezanne's paintingsJam, by Maram El-
2022Novelty referencing tool for quality management requirements of medical laboratories upon the review of CAP and ISO accreditationsGhanem, Suzan
2023Numerical analysis of two reinforced concrete beams strengthened with high strength fiber reinforced cementitious groutAbbas, Rim
2020Numerical investigation of the effects of cold bending on stainless steel beamsChoueifaty, Joe
2023Numerical investigation of the effects of location, energy, timings, and crevices of laser ignition on the performance and emissions of a gasoline direct injection (GDI) internal combustion engineKassis, Yves El
2018A numerical investigation of the heat transfer in an annular jet impinging on an isothermal surfaceSaliba, Antonella
2023Numerical modeling of a reinforced concrete beam with and without expanded polystyrene beadsAbdel Khalek, Lara
2023Nurses' knowledge and skills assessment related to central line bloodstream infection prevention : a pilot study at SGHUMCKamel, Sahar
2018On the relationship between the emotional intelligence of caregivers and the attachment of the institutionalized children they care for : a correlational studyHelou, Angela
2023Optimal cost with the best cable performance comparing the copper and the aluminium conductorsDandachi, Alaa
2021Optimal sensor placement of a high-rise building using the combined genetic algorithm-ensemble Kalman filter frameworkNemer, Georges Al
2023Optimization of bus routes : case study of the University of BalamandAintrazi, Sarah
2023Optimization of polyethylene teraphtalate [sic] terephthalate content in mortar using Taguchi methodFayad, Tony
2023Optimization of polymer-modified repair mortar using Taguchi methodAzar, Abdallah Khalil
2022Optimize the prediction of the driver's state using feature selection techniques on physiological signalsNabhan, Elissa
2023Optimum Mix Design for Gypsum-Based MortarsMoufarij, Antonios