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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019The decline of the Lebanese communist party in the postwar period (1990-2016)Farah, Rana
2023The degree of desirability of control, chronic stress, and the likelihood of developing maladaptive coping behaviors in Lebanese college students during the triad of the economic crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the Beirut blast aftermathZouein, Christelle
2021Depiction of violence against female characters in Lebanese and Lebanese/Syrian series in 2019 : Al Basha and Khamsa Wa NosSassine, Roula
2022Depression in Lebanese adults : the predictive roles of cumulative trauma exposure and existential annihilation anxietyBandali, Nour
2018Design and development of a tailored front bumperZeitoun, Joseph; Bitar, Zaher
2023Design and evaluation of awareness sessions on cholera and bacterial infections for caritas youthSalem, Pamela
2020Design and experimental testing on the efficiency increase of a modified shielded Savonius wind turbineHamdash, Jamil
2020Design of a biodiesel production plant : a catalytic process using ordered mesoporous alumina supported catalystsAbou Rahhal, Anthony
2022Design of a waste to energy process using steam gasificationHorkos, Rosy
2023Design of nanostructured Prussian blue analogues deposited on TiO2 nanorods for enhancing the photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutantsDouaihy, Marie-Jeanne Morkos
2022Design of novel zinc oxide nanostructures for photocatalytic degradation of persistent organic pollutants in industrial effluents : case study: methylene blue and phenolFliti, Lama
2019The design of plasma reactor for the reduction of emissions from automotivesHed, Alexa Maria El
2020Development of a lightweight concrete mix suitable for 3D printing applicationsAkkad, Mariam
2023Development of ChemSorter application for chemical waste management at University of BalamandJammoul, Mateel
2018Development of concrete mix for road repairAmine, Yara; Awde, Aref
2018Development of concrete using wood aggregatesAzizi, Joseph; Mitri, Crystal
2022Development of fiber-reinforced concrete with high flexural and compressive strengthAbou Kors, Anthony
2019Development of green concrete using geopolymerChami, Diana; Tabchoury, Rita
2021Development of health communication for the benefit of older adultsAbi Saab, Aimee
2018Diesel-biodiesel blend synthesis and characterization-biofuel for electrical generators and industrial applicationsFazaa, Michèle; Abi Haidar, Georges