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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019The managerial perception of work-life balance implementation in Lebanese hospitals : case of private vs public hospitalsAbou Abbas, Fatima
2023Maximal number of a family of intersecting triangles in convex positionMoussa, Zaynab
2020Measures of risk in cryptocurrency market using extreme value theorySleiman, Nicole
2023Measuring semantic similarity between Arabic sentencesAli, Siba
2023Mechanisms for lowering organizational taxesKhoury, Elias El; Moussa, Assaad
2023Menkul e-magazine : pilot project to prevent violence and in specific gender-based violence among childrenChayya, Caroline
2022Mental health and its impact on workplace productivity in the Lebanese contextAbdul Wahed, Luna; Hindi, Ghassan Abdel Wahab El; Khoury, Samer; Abdo, Nader
2021Mental health in the midst of economic turmoil : the case of Lebanese Commercial Bank employeesAchy, Eliane; Nicolas, Eva
2023The mental health of elderly living in nursing homes following the COVID-19 pandemicHassan, Mayss
2020Mental health of registered nurses (RNS) and medical doctors (MDS) working with coronavirus patients in Lebanon at SGHUMC, HDF and RHUH hospitals during 2020 covid-19 pandemicRahbani, Isabelle
2022Mentalizing abilities, autistic traits, and coping strategies as predictors of resilience in LebanonHabib, Amanda
2021Metformin regulates colorectal cancer cells and PD-L1 is expressed in colon cancerMerhi, Cecilia
2020Mini-hydropower plant : a feasibility study in North LebanonNader, Nina
2020Modeling of shoes interaction with sports grounds/fieldsTannous, Daniel
2023Modelling of fatty acids phase change materials for energy storage in building wallsSaad, Lara
2022Modern standard Arabic text to dialectal speechBacha, Clara Al
2022Modified Fuzzy Group Decision Making Combining AHP, RRP & TOPSIS for OPV supplier's selectionSaade, Elias
2020Molecular cloning of HBV S-protein mutants for expression in human HepG2 liver cell lineNassif, Ibrahim
2022Molecular detection of bacterial enteric pathogens in Lebanese patients with diarrhea : insights on mixed infections and pathogen/s-disease associationsMohtar, Jad Nabil
2019Molecular diagnosis of chlamydia trachomatis, neisseria gonorrhoeae, trichomonas vaginalis and HPV among females seeking gynecological check-ups in Beirut, LebanonYassine, Ruba Jamal