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10-Mar-2023Characterization and susceptibility of non-albicans Candida isolated from various clinical specimens in Lebanese hospitalsHusni, Rola; Bou Zerdan, Maroun; Samaha, Nadia; Helou, Mariana; Mahfouz, Youssef; Saniour, Rim; Hourani, Sawsan; Kolanjian, Harout; Afif, Claude; Azar, Eid; El Jisr, Tamima; Mokhbat, Jacques; Abboud, Emma; Feghali, Rita; Abboud, Edmond; Matta, Hiam; Karayakouboglo, Gilbert; Matar, Madonna; Moghnieh, Rima; Daoud, Ziad
2018Epidemiology and susceptibility profiles of diabetic foot infections in five hospitals in LebanonObeid , Michele; Moughames, Eric; Aboulhosn, Petra; Madi, Rashad; Daoud, Ziad
13-Jul-2022Extra-pulmonary applications of procalcitonin: an updated literature reviewAtallah, Christine J; Panossian, Vahe S; Atallah, Natalie J; Roberts, Matthew B; Mansour, Michael K
2010Infectious complications in kidney transplant : a Lebanese perspectiveAbou-Jaoude, Maroun M.; Nawfal, N; Shaheen, J; Daoud, Ziad; Almawi, Wassim
2019Risk factors for postoperative spinal infection: A retrospective analysis of 5065 casesEl-Kadi, Matt; Donovan, Erin; Kerr, Laurel; Cunningham, Coby; Osio, Victor; Abdallah, Samah; Kazan, Joseph