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2021A hidden cause of oxalate nephropathy: a case reportMahmoud, Tala; Ghandour, Elias C; Jaar, Bernard G
2021The Interplay Between Nutrition, Metabolic, and Endocrine Disorders in Chronic Kidney DiseaseMahmoud, Tala; Borgi, Lea
15-Jan-2023Recommendations for Early and Comprehensive Management of Type 2 Diabetes and Its Related Cardio-Renal ComplicationsAbu-Alfa, Ali K; Atallah, Paola J; Azar, Sami T; Dagher, Elissar C; Echtay, Akram S; El-Amm, Mireille A; Hazkial, Habib G; Kassab, Roland Y; Medlej, Rita C; Mohamad, Malek A