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2013Cross-section stability of lean duplex stainless steel welded I-sectionsSaliba, Najib G. ; Gardner, Leroy
2013Experimental study of the shear response of lean duplex stainless steel plate girdersSaliba, Najib G. ; Gardner, Leroy
2017Numerical modelling of lean duplex stainless steel and assessment of existing design methodsSaliba, Najib G. ; Issa, Johnny
2019A practical tool for the stability estimation of underground quarries in North FranceRafeh, Faten ; Mroueh, Hussein; Hitti, Karim ; Burlon, Sébastien
2019Shallow chalk quarry stability using an original shear strength reduction approachRafeh, Faten ; Mroueh, Hussein; Burlon, Sébastien