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15-Jun-2024Durability assessment of geopolymeric and cementitious composites for screed applicationsHwalla, Joud; El-Hassan, Hilal; Assaad, Joseph ; El-Maaddawy, Tamer
30-Jun-2023The effect of curing regimes on fiber-reinforced alkali-activated compositesEl-Hassan, Hilal; El-Mir, Abdulkader ; El-Maaddawy, Tamer
31-Oct-2023Enhancing Reinforced Concrete Beams: Investigating Steel Dust as a Cement SubstituteHussein Jahami, Ali ; Hussein Younes; Jamal Khatib
26-Dec-2022Feasibility of concrete mixtures containing coarse and/or fine recycled brick aggregatesEl-Mir, Abdulkader ; Nehme, Salem; Assaad, Joseph 
31-Jan-2020Influence of Short-Term Aging on Mechanical Properties and Morphology of Polymer-Modified Bitumen with Recycled Plastics from Waste MaterialsCelauro, Clara; Saroufim, Edwina; Mistretta, Maria Chiara; La Mantia, Francesco Paolo
Jul-2023Performance of cementitious and slag-fly ash blended geopolymer screed composites: A comparative studyHwalla, Joud; El-Hassan, Hilal; Assaad, Joseph ; El-Maaddawy, Tamer
17-Apr-2023Photocatalytic Activity and Mechanical Properties of Cement Slurries Containing Titanium DioxideJabali, Yasmine ; Assaad, Joseph ; Aouad, Georges 
14-Mar-2024Reviewing the potential: a comprehensive review of natural fibers (NFs) in structural concrete and their multifaceted influencesHussein Jahami, Ali ; Nour Zeaiter; Mounir Cheaib
Oct-2023Synergic effect of recycled aggregates, waste glass, and slag on the properties of pervious concreteEl-Hassan, Hilal; Kianmehr, Peiman; Tavakoli, Davoud; El-Mir, Abdulkader ; Dehkordi, Rahbar Sakenian
2021Valorizing the use of recycled fine aggregates in masonry cement productionAssaad, Joseph ; Vachon, Martin