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Mar-2023Ancient DNA investigation of the 17 Maronite patriarchs of QanubinZalloua, Pierre; Elias, Nada; Senovska, Anna; Collins, Catherine; Gosling, Anna; Karam, Samar; Iskandar, Amine Jules; Matisoo-Smith, Elizabeth
26-Apr-2022Gifted Education in Lebanon: Time to Rethink Teaching the GiftedAntoun, Maya ; Plunkett, Margaret; Kronborg, Leonie
2020The Impact of Social Media On The Lebanese Revolution of october 17, 2019Kairouz, Akl; Dagher, Walid 
2020Investigating lebanese primary school teachers' perceptions of gifted and highly able studentsAntoun, Maya ; Kronborg, Leonie; Plunkett, Margaret
2015It is not over yet: the arab revolution between culture and political economyTassone, Giuseppe 
17-Jul-2022The relation between teachers’ background and school type and their perceptions of the gifted and gifted educationAntoun, Maya 
Jul-2023A Roadmap for Change: Charting the Course of Gifted Educational Provision in LebanonAntoun, Maya ; Plunkett, Margaret
1-Jan-2016Transferring codes of conduct within a multinational firm: The case of LebanonNakhle, Samer Francois; Davoine, Eric