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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019The relevance of the COSO 2013 framework for the military industry : the case of the purchase function of Lebanese Armed ForcesMawad, Jamile
2020Reporting mechanisms and delegation of decision rights : the case of the Lebanese banking sectorTayoun, Theresa; Frangieh, Rosa
2019Restaurant rating prediction through features : a Zomato caseAnnous, Ezzat; Audi, Austin
2014Risk and cost of unethical business conductMenassa, Elie 
2006The role of enforcement factors in promoting stable cooperation with accounting rules: a scenario-based approachMenassa, Elie 
2017Sensitivity of companies stock returns to product recalls in the children toys and apparel industries : a socio-economic perspective.Menassa, Elie ; Matta, E.
2008Service quality expectations in the Lebanese FMCG marketAbdou, Marwan
2017The social doing of strategy: a shift towards a practice-based perspctiveShahda , E; Menassa, Elie 
2016Social responsibility disclosures and gender board composition: the german' universal banks caseMenassa, Elie ; Brodhäcker, Martina; Haddad, Pierre El
2010Sustainability as an item of corporate social disclosure : the case of higher education in LebanonDebbaneh, Joelle
2020Tax evasion in Lebanon : investigating the dynamics of Cressey's hypothesisMikhael, Mariam; Nasr, Sandra; Youssef, Elias
2015Training benefits and challenges in a lebanese manufacturing companyTangoukian, Antranig; Abou Hamad, Jennifer; Menassa, Elie 
2010Transparency and accountability of central banks: a financial reporting rerspectiveMenassa, Elie 
2017The type and quantity of corporate social disclosures of german 'universal' banksMenassa, Elie ; Brodhäcker, Martina
2015Uncovering the relationship between vision/mission statements and firms characteristics: the case of the lebanese commercial banking sectorMenassa, Elie ; Fahed, S.; Germanos, Yara
2012Untangling the relationship between inflation control and economic/non-economic variablesGhanem, Najla; Khoury, Yvonne
2012Untangling the relationship between inflation control and economic/non-economic variablesMenassa, Elie ; Khoury, Yvonne; Ghanem, Najla
2012Vision / mission statements of the Lebanese commercial banks : an exploratory approachGermanos, Yara; Saeed, Chaza