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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015An exploratory study of the relationship between corporate social responsibility and corporate ethics in the lebanese business contextHaddad, Pierre El; Menassa, Elie 
11-Aug-2023An exploratory study of US acquirers’ market performance: pre- versus post-Sarbanes–Oxley act of 2002El Hajjar, Samah; Menassa, Elie ; Kassamany, Talie
2021Factors affecting enterprise risk management readiness in hospitals : a survey in North Lebanon and AkkarGereige, Maria
2014Financial reporting frameworks adoption by central banks: a theoretical proposal and some evidenceMenassa, Elie 
2009Identifying potential stressors of university students: the case of the university of BalamandNahas, Nayla G. ; Williamson, Laurie; Menassa, Elie 
2021The impact of automation and information technology on the accounting profession in LebanonMoukadem, Abdulkader
2012Information and communication technology in the public sector : the case of Al-Koura municipalitiesRustom , Renée Bahadarian; Jabbour, Mira Georges
2010Job satisfaction of academics in the Lebanese sector of higher educationRashed, Ritta; Sawan, Elias
2007The lebanese commercial banking sector: A profitability-based analysisMenassa, Elie ; Naboulsi, I
2011Main determinants of the grand score : the case of the higher education sector in LebanonNajjar, Rania Al
2011Managers' and employees' perceptions of safety measures in construction sites in Tripoli, LebanonAdra, Dina; Samad, Esraa
2013Modelling Co-operation with accounting regulation: an evolutionary metanorms approachMenassa, Elie 
2009Normative motives or moral stimuli : conforming to accounting regulation in the UKMenassa, Elie 
2007Overcoming employees' resistance to changes in technology : the case of Arab BankKhalil, Ghada; El Khoury, Angela
2019Paradigm conflict and the wealth effects of blockholder formation in private target acquisitionsAdra, Samer; Menassa, Elie 
2008The perception of Lebanese professors and students towards business schools accreditationSafi, Mirna; Shaar, Bushra
2005Performance appraisal in the Lebanese business assurance sectorAlameddine, Rola; Khreiss, Rola
2009A pilot study of university professors and students perception regarding accreditation of business schools in LebanonMenassa, Elie ; Safi, M.; Chaar, B.
2009A pilot study of university professors and students' perception regarding accrediation of business schools in LebanonMenassa, Elie 
2006A pilot study on Fiedler's leadership styles in the Lebanese banking sectorDarzi, Fadi