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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Ordered fuzzy ARTMAPDagher, Issam ; Georgiopoulos, M; Heileman, G.L; Bebis, G
1999An ordering algorithm for pattern presentation in fuzzy ARTMAP that tends to improve generalization performanceDagher, Issam ; Georgiopoulos, M; Heileman, G.L
2021Palmprint recognition systemAbdelmalak, Assem; Choucair, Dany
1999Properties of learning of a fuzzy ART variantGeorgiopoulos, M; Dagher, Issam ; Heileman, G.L; Bebis, G
2008Quadratic kernel-free non-linear support vector machineDagher, Issam 
2006Ridge directional singular points for fingerprint recognition and matchingDagher, Issam ; Badawi, Mustafa; Beyrouti, Bassam
2010Segmentation based on bipolar fuzzy mathematical morphologySalhab , Mohamad; Sayed Ahmad, Bilal
2015Short term load forecasting using artificial neural networksKfoury, Iskandar
2021Signature recognition using majority votingAoude, Fadi
2017Signature verification using wavelet, gabor, convolution neural network (CNN)Abu Jamra, Samir
2014Stability control of a hovercraft using Takagi-Sugeno and switched fuzzy controlKerek, Adnan; Taiba, Said
2012Subband effect of the wavelet fuzzy C-means features in texture classificationDagher, Issam ; Issa, Saad
2011Subband effect of the wavelet fuzzy c-means features in texture classificationIssa, Saad
2015Tuning a PID controller using particle swarm optimization (PSO)Halby, Angie Al; Bouty, Elie El
2014Variable block wavelet wiener estimator in image denoisingDagher, Issam ; Taleb, Catherine
2008WaterBalloons: a hybrid watershed balloon snake segmentationDagher, Issam ; Tom, Kamal El
2003Web-based automated fingerprint recognitionBeyrouti, Bassam; Badawi, Mustafa
2017Weighted voting component-based face recognitionBazzaz, Hussein Al
2003Wireless object tracking system (wots)Ghandour Al-Maalouf, Bechra Al; Raad, Robert