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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Third order dynamical system emulatorSafi, Maha; Atanalian, Sandy
2018Transient stability analysis of single machine infinite bus with different power system stabilizersFahim, Michella; Khaldi, Mohamad ; Frangieh, S.; Chouaifaty, Charbel
2001University of Balamand power analysis and logistical information systemHaddad, Elie; Iaaly, Amal ; Zaidan, George
2009Voice activated mobile robotWehbeh, Hasan; Ali, Houssam
2018Voltage stability indices and maximum MVAR loadabilitySemaan, Nadim
2017Voltage stability indices and maximum MVAR loadabilitySemaan, Nadim; Khaldi, Mohamad 
2010Wind energy analysis, control and grid integrationChedid, Christopher
2011Wind turbine on an offshore islandAoun, Mario