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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Bone mineral content and density in obese, overweight, and normal-weighted sedentary adolescent girlsHage, Rawad El ; Moussa, Elie ; Jacob, Christophe 
2011Bone mineral content and density in overweight and control adolescent boysHage, Rawad El ; Hage, Zaher El; Jacob, Christophe ; Moussa, Elie ; Theunynck, Denis; Baddoura, Rafic
1-Jan-2024Bone mineral density in young sprinters and young active menEl Hawly, W.; Zunquin, G.; Pinti, A.; El Hage, Z.; Bassim, Youssef ; Hage, Rawad El 
2013Bone mineral density, hip bone geometry, and calcaneus trabecular bone texture in obese and normal-weight childrenRocher, Emilie; Hage, Rawad El ; Chappard, Christine; Portier, Hugues; Rochefort, Gaël Y; Benhamou, Claude-Laurant
2017Bone variables in active overweight/obese men and sedentary overweight/obese menKhoury, Georges El ; Zouhal, Hassane; Cabagno, Genevieve; Khoury, César El; Rizkallah, Maroun; Maalouf, Ghassan; Hage, Rawad El 
2008Catecholamines and the effects of exercise, training and genderZouhal, Hassane; Jacob, Christophe ; Delamarche, Paul; Delamarche, Arlette Gratas
2014Composite indices of femoral neck strength in adult female soccer playersHage, Rawad El 
2021Composite Indices of Femoral Neck Strength in Middle-Aged Inactive Subjects Vs Former Football PlayersFinianos, Boutros; Zunquin, Gautier; Hage, Rawad El 
2015Concentration sérique de vitamine D et densité minérale osseuse chez des jeunes adultes LibanaisAlwan Nassereddine, Abir; Khoury, Georges El ; Zouhal, Hassane; Maalouf, Ghassan; Khairallah, Walid; Hage, Rawad El 
2010Consommation calcique journalière chez les adolescents libanais : influence de l'indice de masse corporelle et de l'activité physiqueHage, Rawad El ; Shmaitelly, N; Moussa, Elie ; Jacob, Christophe 
2012Consommation d'oxygène chez des cyclistes confirmés lors dune séance composée d'intervalles courts (30 s/30 s) sur bicyclette ergométriqueHage, Zaher El; Hage, Rawad El ; Moussa, Elie ; Jacob, Christophe 
2013Contraintes mécaniques osseuses et densité minérale osseuse chez un groupe de jeunes femmesHage, Rawad El ; Bassil, Sarah; Zakhem, Eddy ; Theunynck, Denis
2017Decreased composite indices of femoral neck strength in young obese menKhoury, César El; Toumi, Hechmi; Lespessailles, Eric; Pinti, Antonio; Khoury, Georges El ; Maalouf, Ghassan; Zakhem, Eddy ; Ayoub, Marie-Louise; Watelain, Eric; Hage, Rawad El 
2018Decreased composite indices of femoral neck strength in young obese womenBerro, Abdel Jalil; Ahmaidi, Said; Pinti, Antonio; Alwan Nassereddine, Abir; Saddik, Hayman; Matta, Joseph; Frenn, Fabienne; Rizkallah, Maroun; Maalouf, Ghassan; Hage, Rawad El 
2012Différence inter-sexe au niveau de la relation entre l'indice de masse grasse et la densité minérale osseuse de la hanche chez un groupe d'adolescents et de jeunes adultes LibanaisHage, Zaher El; Elias, Rania; Theunynck, Denis; Hage, Rawad El 
2019Does muscular power predict bone mineral density in young adults?Khawaja, Anthony; Sabbagh, Patchina; Piroux, Jacques; Zunquin, Gautier; Baquet, Georges; Maalouf, Ghassan; Hage, Rawad El 
2014Does soccer practice influence compressive strength, bending strength, and impact strength indices of the femoral neck in young men?Hage, Rawad El ; Zakhem, Eddy ; Zunquin, Gautier; Theunynck, Denis; Moussa, Elie ; Maalouf, Ghassan
2021Does the severity of obesity influence bone mineral density values in premenopausal women?Hammoud, Emneh; Toumi, Hechmi; Jacob, Christophe ; Pinti, Antonio; Lespessailles, Eric; Hage, Rawad El 
2014DXA-based variables and osteoporotic fractures in lebanese postmenopausal womenAyoub, Marie-Louise; Maalouf, Ghassan; Bachour, Falah; Barakat, Angelique; Cortet, Bernard; Legroux-Gérout, Isabelle; Zunquin, Gautier; Theunynck, Denis; Nehme, Alexandre; Hage, Rawad El 
2009Early advancing age alters plasma glucose and glucoregulatory hormones in response to supramaximal exerciseZouhal, Hassane; Vincent, Sophie; Moussa, Elie ; Botcazou, Maïtel; Delamarche, Paul; Delamarche, Arlette Gratas