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4-Oct-2023Assessing Drug Administration Techniques in Zebrafish Models of Neurological DiseaseChaoul, Victoria; Dib, Emanuel-Youssef; Bedran, Joe; Khoury, Chakib; Shmoury, Omar; Harb, Frederic ; Soueid, Jihane
2023Exploring the complexities of 1C metabolism: implications in aging and neurodegenerative diseasesBou Ghanem, Ayman; Hussayni, Yaman; Kadbey, Raghid; Ratel, Yara; Yehya, Shereen; Khouzami, Lara; Ghadieh, Hilda E; Kanaan, Amjad ; Azar, Sami ; Harb, Frederic 
19-Oct-2023Exploring the World of Membrane Proteins: Techniques and Methods for Understanding Structure, Function, and DynamicsBoulos, Imad; Jabbour, Joy; Khoury, Serena; Mikhael, Nehme; Tishkova, Victoria; Candoni, Nadine; Ghadieh, Hilda ; Veesler, Stéphane; Bassim, Youssef ; Azar, Sami ; Harb, Frederic 
23-Jul-2023Mesenchymal stem cells-derived secretome and extracellular vesicles: perspective and challenges in cancer therapy and clinical applicationsGemayel, Jack; Chaker, Diana; El Hachem, Georges; Mhanna, Melissa; Salemeh, Rawad; Hanna, Colette; Harb, Frederic ; Ibrahim, Ahmad; Chebly, Alain; Khalil, Charbel
1-Oct-2022Saffron Extract Attenuates Anxiogenic Effect and Improves Cognitive Behavior in an Adult Zebrafish Model of Traumatic Brain InjuryChaoul, Victoria; Awad, Maria; Harb, Frederic ; Najjar, Fadia; Hamade, Aline; Nabout, Rita; Soueid, Jihane
20-Jan-2023VEGF-A: A Novel Mechanistic Link Between CYP2C-Derived EETs and Nox4 in Diabetic Kidney DiseaseNjeim, Rachel; Braych, Kawthar; Ghadieh, Hilda ; Azar, Nadim S.; Azar, William S.; Dia, Batoul; Leone, Angelo; Cappello, Francesco; Kfoury, Hala; Harb, Frederic ; Jurjus, Abdo R.; Eid, Assaad A.; Ziyadeh, Fuad N.