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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Anthropological Reflections on Marital IntimacyNassif, Bassam A. 
2020Authority, Obedience, and Hierarchy in Christ: Christian Marriage and Postmodern ChallengesNassif, Bassam A. 
2020A case study of a divorcee: spiritual direction and psychological insightNassif, Bassam A. 
2013Church as family: patriarch ignatius IVs pastoral vision of the churchNassif, Bassam A. 
2011Defending the faith using logic and pastoral arguments: Theodore Abu Qurrah's innovationNassif, Bassam A. 
2015Discernment: spiritual eyeglasses for web surfersNassif, Bassam A. 
2022Earthly Angels and Heavenly Humans: Revisiting Gender in Christian AnthropologyNassif, Bassam A. 
2020Enlivening the charisms of the holy spiritNassif, Bassam A. 
2021Forgiveness in marriage: from cure to healingNassif, Bassam A. 
2022From the Light of Prayer to Pastoral Theology: Aspects of Episcopal Ministry in the Writings of Saint Ephrem the SyrianNassif, Bassam A. 
2017Googling the truth: educating our youth on wisdom and discernmentNassif, Bassam A. 
2017Hope in the horror of warNassif, Bassam A. 
2022The House of God: The Orthodox Church in the Middle East and the EnvironmentNassif, Bassam A. 
2021La chisea corpo do Cristo e i carismi del del popolo di dioNassif, Bassam A. 
2019Marriage in postmodernity and the orthodox christian perspectiveNassif, Bassam A. 
2022Marriage in the Eschatological Perspective: Implications on Gender and Marital IntimacyNassif, Bassam A. 
2016Mercy and forgiveness in pastoral work and the family: the orthodox churchs perspectiveNassif, Bassam A. 
2014Mixed marriages in the antiochian orthodox churchNassif, Bassam A. 
2014Mixed marriages in the orthodox church: an educational approach to a pastoral issueNassif, Bassam A. 
2020The mystery of marriage amid deconstruction : a dialogue between Orthodox anthropology and postmodern perspectivesNassif, Bassam A.