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2008The alchemical sophia : unlocking the eternal feminine in Don Quixote, Notre Dame De Paris, and the Invisible ManDeeb, Roula-Maria
2016Collaborative Action Research as a tool for Teachers' Professional Development : A Study in a Private Lebanese UniversityFleonova, Olga ; Tassone, Giuseppe 
2016Constructing Solidarity and Distance in Soviet Literary TextsFleonova, Olga 
2015Constructing the Discursive Territory of a State : An Example of Soviet PoetryFleonova, Olga 
2012Enhancing grammar instruction of a novice teacher in a Lebanese public high school English classroom : action researchSaroufim, Maria Fawzi
2014An exploration of grammar instruction in a simulation-based course in a private university in North LebanonZiadeh, Raghda
2017Investigating the place of critical thinking in a simulation-based University freshman English courseMitri, Joyce
2009Investigating the use of noticing strategies in an intensive English program at a private Lebanese UniversityYassine, Hania
2021An investigation of NNS/NNS student output during webex-mediated online group work in a Lebanese universitySahyoun, Zahraa
2014An investigation of the use of grammatical metalinguistic terminology with students under the age of nine : case studyAl Masri, Zeina
2011Linguistic and Narrative Strategies for Constructing Solidarity in LeninianaFleonova, Olga 
2008The place of speaking skills in English language classes in a public technical institution in North LebanonMerhi, Fida
2021Russian Mass Concerts and the Political Imaginary of RussiaTassone, Giuseppe ; Fleonova, Olga 
2018Semantic changes in the word "homeland" and its synonyms in Soviet and post-Soviet official discourse and mass cultureFleonova, Olga 
2013Students' and tutors' perceptions of English language center tutoring services in a private Lebanese universityKhalife, Raghida
2012Teachers' and students' perceptions of vocabulary acquisition in ENGL 101 in a Lebanese private university : a case studyFrangieh, Christelle
2013To what extent are students' learning styles taken into consideration in an English language course? : a case studyNehme, Nancy Fouad
2020Understanding Students' Resistance to Autonomous Learning in an L2 English LanguageKhairallah, Megan R. ; Fleonova, Olga ; Nicolas, Maureen O'Day 
2011Using teamwork to change students' attitude towards English classes at a university levelOsman, Roudayna Mohammad
2020“WE” in the Discourse of the 2019 Lebanese October Revolution.Fleonova, Olga ; Annous, Samer