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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20152D-Dynamic slope stability analysis slope stability against EarthquakeTannous, Zeina; Fahd, Bassam
2014Airport designJawhar, Rami; Jazzar, Mazen El; Assaad, Oukba Al
2010Airport designJeitani, Antoine; Khatib, Layal El; Rajab, Zeina
2001Al Barsha storm sewer project-Dubai storm water drainage systemSarkis, Yacob; Jelwan, George; Naoum, Assaad
2010Analytical solution of the angular velocity in the czochralski crystal growth processGerges, Najib N. ; Omran, Mazen Nazem; Sinder, Arthur David
2010Applying project management principles on a construction projectWehbe, George; Wehbe, Wael
2011Applying project management principles on a construction projectSleiman, Nancy; Azar, Salim Al
2015Applying project management principles on a construction projectJerjess, Michel; Jerjess, William
2011Applying project management principles on Four Season Hotel DamascusMansour, Cynthia; Azar, Gebran Al
2002Approximate analytical solution for the velocity and temperature components in the Czochralski crystal growth processOmran, Mazen Nazem
2016Assessing water quality using GIS: the case of northern Lebanon miocene aquiferSaba, Marianne ; Iaaly, Amal ; Carlier, Eric; Gerges, Najib N. 
1-Jan-2019Assessment of aluminosilicate raw material used in Lebanon: Effect of curingSaba, Marianne ; Gerges, Najib N. ; Absi, Joseph
2019Assessment of bond strength of underwater polymer-modified concreteAssaad, Joseph ; Gerges, Najib N. ; Khayat, Kamal Henri; Lattouf, Najib; Mansour, Jimmy
28-Jan-2022Assessment of Seawater Intrusion in a Coastline City Using GIS (Tripoli Lebanon)Saba, Marianne ; Iaaly, Amal ; Gerges, Najib N. 
2019Bond to reinforcement of polymeric lightweight flowable concrete for structural applicationsAssaad, Joseph ; Gerges, Najib N. ; Issa, Camille
2016Case study: public transport management system for Kousba-Chekka roadwayGerges, Najib N. ; Fawaz, Samer Mohammad; Karam, George
2004Construction planning scheduling and control of the "Northern Strip", Damascus, SyriaKadebalban, Mohamed; Alhasheme, Anas
2009Construction planning, scheduling and controlling for a three-story resedential buildingBalesh, Elie; Oueidat, Ibrahim; Makari, Nijad
2005Construction scheduling and control of "a residential villa", Kelhat, LebanonEid, Bernard; Ghotme, Hicham El
2006Construction, planning, scheduling and control of a villaMoukaddem, Khallad El; Moukaddem, Ibrahim El