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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Accounting for differences in standards of living between countries of the arab league : an augmented Solow modelDaia, Roula Al ; Saab, Gretta 
2012Analysis of the Current Land Use and Socio-Economic Activities in the Coastal ZoneNader, Manal ; Mitri, George ; Daia, Roula Al 
2014Are-Gold and Oil Returns Subject to a Nonlinear Long-Run Relationship?Bassil, Charbel; Hamadi, Hassan; Mardini, Patrick 
2010Augmented Solow ModelSaab, Gretta ; Daia, Roula Al 
2016Bitcoin in Lebanon : the tradeoff between risk and innovationKharsa, Sarah; Khoury, Tina; Mardini, Patrick 
2016The Case for Repairing Broken Channels without the Use of Unconventional Monetary PolicyMardini, Patrick 
2017Constitutional Amendments and Economic DevelopmentDaia, Roula Al 
2016Cryptocurrencies in Lebanon : The Tradeoff between Risk and InnovationKharsa, Sarah; Khoury, Tina; Mardini, Patrick 
2011Determinants of Credit to the Private Sector in Countries of the Arab League : Is Economic Diversification Under Way?Daia, Roula Al ; Saab, Gretta ; Ayoub, Maya
2015Determinants of Official Development Assistance in Lebanon : a Pre- and Post-War AssessmentDaia, Roula Al ; Van der Molen, Irna; Nader, Manal 
2013Does Foreign Aid Promote Foreign Direct Investment in the Middle East and North Africa?Daia, Roula Al ; Saab, Gretta 
2013Dunning's Investment Development Path for Countries of the MENA RegionDaia, Roula Al ; Saab, Gretta 
2010The Dutch Disease Syndrome in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria : A Comparative StudySaab, Gretta ; Ayoub, Maya
2017Economic Reform in a Sectarian-Political Regime : The Case of Electricity in LebanonMardini, Patrick 
2019Effect of Feedback on eBay Sellers' Business Using Markov ChainDib, Youssef ; Roumieh, Nour; Saab, Gretta ; Maroun, Mariette
2015The Endangered Classical Liberal Tradition in Lebanon : A General Description and Survey ResultsMardini, Patrick 
2012Environmental valuation of the North Lebanon coastal zoneDaia, Roula Al ; Nader, Manal ; Saab, Gretta 
2012Environmental Value of the North Lebanon CoastlineDaia, Roula Al ; Nader, Manal ; Saab, Gretta 
2019Factors Influencing Students' Online Learning Readiness in a Middle Eastern Higher Education Institution : Implications for Online Course DesignZgheib, Ghania ; Daia, Roula Al ; Serhan, Mireille ; Melki, Antoine 
2009Financial Development and Growth in the GCC AreaSaab, Gretta ; Ayoub, Maya