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Title: التناص والأنماط الأدبية : سفر أشعيا في لوقا- أعمال
Other Titles: Intertextuality and Literary Motifs : The Book of Isaiah in Luke-Acts
Authors: عيوش, دانيال البرتو 
Affiliations: Institute of Theology 
Keywords: Hebrew Bible
Biblical Studies
Arabic-Speaking Orthodox Christianity
Biblical Exegesis
Christian Arabic Literature
Subjects: Intertextuality
Issue Date: 2013
Part of: سفر اشعياء
Start page: 669
End page: 680
Conference: المؤتمر البيبلي (الثالث عشر : 2013 : لبنان) 
This article offers in its first section a brief survey of intertextuality theories according to ‎modern literary criticism, and especially the ones developed by Gerard Genette‏.‏‎ Then an ‎analysis of statistical data is developed in order to determine the immanent intensity of the ‎Isaian text in the Lucan Diptych. Some of the most relevant Lucan pericopes are analyzed in ‎order to show the impact of Isaiah on Lukes theology. Among the most prominent Isaian topics ‎in Luke can be mention the following ones: the openness to the Nations, The expectation of the ‎coming suffering servant and the full commitment to the principles of social justice‏.‏.
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Type: Conference Paper
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