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Title: The struggle of an addict on the way to autonomy
Authors: Hagopian, Sareen E. 
Affiliations: Department of Psychology 
Keywords: Existential Analysis
Subjects: Addiction
Issue Date: 2016
Part of: International Conference and Exhibition on Dual Diagnosis.
Conference: International Conference and Exhibition on Dual Diagnosis (18-19 July 2016 : Chicago, illinois, USA) 
The following intervention aims at exploring addiction from the perspective of Existential Analysis. Th e addict in recovery asks him/herself fundamental questions about his existence, self, and meaning, ultimately revealing his lack of the feeling of life; as he battles constantly between dependence and autonomy. Th is empirical study uses a mixed research method with a qualitative interview and quantitative scales on addiction severity, interpersonal reactivity, existential functioning, and fundamental existential motivations with a sample of adults in a short-term inpatient addiction rehabilitation program in Lebanon with multiple addictions. An overview of the existential themes addictive patients are occupied with will be presented (e.g. what moves them, what are their suff erings, what is their lack, what disturbs them, etc.) Th is is followed by other possible causes of addiction; in addition to identifi cation of possible changes on an existential level that the addicts might show before and aft er the treatment. Finally, the intervention will conclude on implications of the fi ndings of this study for treatment of addictive patients.
Type: Conference Paper
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