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Title: Role of genetic analysis of products of conception and PGT in managing early pregnancy loss
Authors: Kutteh, William H
Papas, Ralph S
Maisenbacher, Melissa K
Dahdouh, Elias M
Affiliations: Faculty of Medicine 
Keywords: Aneuploidy IVF
Comprehensive chromosomal microarray
Preimplantation genetic testing
Products of conception testing
Recurrent pregnancy loss
Issue Date: 2023-11-26
Part of: Reproductive BioMedicine Online
Volume: 49
Issue: 1
This article considers the addition of comprehensive 24-chromosomal microarray (CMA) analysis of products of conception (POC) to a standard evaluation for recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL) to help direct treatment towards expectant management versus IVF with preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidies (PGT-A). The review included retrospective data from 65,333 miscarriages, a prospective evaluation of 378 couples with RPL who had CMA testing of POC and the standard workup, and data from an additional 1020 couples who were evaluated for RPL but did not undergo CMA testing of POC. Aneuploidy in POC explained the pregnancy loss in 57.7% (218/378) of cases. In contrast, the full RPL evaluation recommended by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine identified a potential cause in only 42.9% (600/1398). Combining the data from the RPL evaluation and the results of genetic testing of POC provides a probable explanation for the loss in over 90% (347/378) of women. Couples with an unexplained loss after the standard evaluation with POC aneuploidy accounted for 41% of cases; PGT-A may be considered after expectant management. Conversely, PGT-A would have a limited role in those with a euploid loss and a possible explanation after the standard workup. Categorizing a pregnancy loss as an explained versus unexplained loss after the standard evaluation combined with the results of CMA testing of POC may help identify patients who would benefit from expectant management versus PGT-A.
ISSN: 14726483
DOI: 10.1016/j.rbmo.2023.103738
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Type: Journal Article
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