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Title: From aging to youthful glow : harnessing the power of fibroblast growth factor (FGF) in umbilical cord tissues secretome for skin rejuvenation
Authors: Hani, Rita
Advisors: Alaaeddine, Nada
Keywords: Aging, mechanism of skin aging, stem cell secretion, growth factors, skin rejuvenation, cell therapy
Issue Date: 2023
Cutaneous aging is an unavoidable biological process that develops over time as a result of cumulative cellular and molecular changes caused by exposure to intrinsic (chronological aging) and extrinsic (photo-aging) factors on the skin. Skin aging is characterized by a decline in the body's ability to maintain senescence, dermal cell apoptosis, and homeostasis. The secretome is composed of an entire set of dynamically overlapping paracrine soluble factors growth factors, cytokines, extracellular matrix proteins, and antimicrobial peptides known to be involved in tissue rejuvenation, regeneration, homeostasis, and immunomodulation. Compared to available treatments stem cell secretion “Secretome “is among the most promising anti-aging therapies. The involvement of growth factors and cytokines, which stem cells secrete, has risen as an new insight in skin remodeling and regeneration. Fibroblast growth factor (FGF) was associated with such function. ELISA was carried out in this investigation to evaluate the presence of FGF in the secretome secreted by stem cells extracted from two umbilical cords, as well as the secretions of stem cells from various sources such as fruits, plants, and seeds. FGF was found in all sample cultures, with a maximum concentration of 1585 pg/ml found in umbilical cord tissues. The presence of FGF, therefore aimed largely at reversing aging by modifying and regulating important signaling pathways.
Includes bibliographical references (p. 63-75)
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Type: Thesis
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