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Title: An overlooked cause of catatonia
Authors: Ibrahim, Roy
El Rassi, Enjie
Jabbour, Rosette
Khoury, Rita
Affiliations: Faculty of Medicine 
Issue Date: 2022-12
Publisher: MDedge Psychiatry
Part of: Current Psychiatry
Volume: 21
Issue: 12
Start page: 41
End page: 46
Ms. L, age 40, presents to the emergency department (ED) for altered mental status and bizarre behavior. Before arriving at the ED, she had experienced a severe headache and an episode of vomiting. At home she had been irritable and agitated, repetitively dressing and undressing, urinating outside the toilet, and opening and closing water faucets in the house. She also had stopped eating and drinking. Ms. L’s home medications consist of levothyroxine 100 mcg/d for hypothyroidism.
In the ED, Ms. L has severe psychomotor agitation. She is restless and displays purposeless repetitive movements with her hands. She is mostly mute, but does groan at times.
ISSN: 15378276
DOI: 10.12788/cp.0289
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Type: Journal Article
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