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Title: Civil War: The Day After – The Experience of the Foreign and the Founding Return to the Ownmost Language through the Attunement of Mourning
Other Titles: Au lendemain de la guerre civile – L’expérience de l’étranger et le retour fondateur au plus propre de la langue à travers la tonalité du deuil
في ما بعد الحرب الأهليّة – تجربة الخارج والعودة المؤسِّسة إلى خاصّيّة اللغة من خلال نبرة الحداد
Authors: Darwiche, Frank 
Affiliations: Cultural Studies Program 
Keywords: Civil War
Founding Return
Ownmost Language
Attunement of Mourning
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: University of Balamand
Part of: Hawliyat
Issue: 18
Start page: 135
End page: 150
It is the return to the origin, in all its forms, that I propose to consider through what Heidegger calls a Grundstimmung, a ground-attunement, of mourning. This Mourning is a call to take on oneself the strife between sorrow and joy, which are within that very Grundstimmung. When one finds and stands on/in this locus, he/she is in a relation to place and time that precedes feelings and opens the possibilities of home in a postcivil war country. The strife will then be accompanied by one between heaven and earth, allowing the coming-to-being of a holy place that is the very meeting of the local and universal as one's ownmost. The final result of such attunement is the gathering of a people in reconciliation to enter an experience of and in their language as the ontological place for common thought, history, debate and a shared living/existence.
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Type: Journal Article
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