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Title: Rescuing the Reputation of Tyre in Late Antiquity; the Documentation of Gynaecea/Genicia as Weaving Factories, not Brothels
Other Titles: إنقاذ سمعة صوريين العصر القديم المتأخر: وثائق ال جينيسيا كمصانع نسيجية وليس بيوت دعارة
Authors: Hall, Linda Jones
Keywords: Tyre
Late Antiquity
Weaving Factories
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: University of Balamand
Part of: Chronos
Issue: 12
Start page: 125
End page: 150
A passage in a 6th century A.D. pilgrim narrative which has been translated incorrectly for over 140 years has been construed to suggest that "public brothels" were a feature of the city of Tyre in Late Antiquity. However, this translation is simply wrong; in Late Antiquity the term in question (gynaecea) refers to "public weaving factories" operated by men. In this article I will set forth the original Latin passage as well as the contemporary literary and legal texts that substantiate that the word means "weaving factories". I will also trace the chronology of the publication of the Latin texts and the English translations of the passage. I will explore the viewpoints prevalent in the 19th century that shaped the thinking of not only the translators but also of travelers to the region and their supporters.
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Type: Journal Article
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