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Title: ذيل على مخطوط "الحقائق الوافية في تاريخ بطاركة الكنيسة اللأنطاكية" لمخائيل بريك حتّى سنة 1891 بقلم أنطون صيفي
Other Titles: Appendice au manuscript La vraie histoire des patriarches de l'Église d'Antioche de Michail Breik jusqu'en 1891 par Antoine Saifi
Appendix of Michail Breik’s Manuscript « The True History of the Patriarchs of the Antiochian Church » until 1891 by Antoine Saifi
Authors: كرم، سرجون
والبينار، كارستن-ميخائيل
Keywords: مخطوط "الحقائق الوافية في تاريخ بطاركة الكنيسة اللأنطاكية"
مخائيل بريك
أنطون صيفي
Manuscript «The True History of the Patriarchs of the Antiochian Church»
Michail Breik
Antoine Saifi
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: University of Balamand
Part of: Chronos
Issue: 20
Start page: 171
End page: 197
The manuscript number 440 found in the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate in Damascus contains, according to the catalogue’s definition: “the History of the Antiochian patriarchs, starting with Patriarch Gregory II in 1610 and ending with Patriarch Gerasimus in 1885” (the Arabic Manuscript 1988: 68). However, examining this manuscript leads us to correct or add some points. The main part of the manuscript is a long narration of the history of the Greek Orthodox patriarchs by Michail Breik, which was recently examined by Nayla Kaidbay (Breik 2006).
The beginning of the Damascene manuscript was lost and only the part starting with page 61 has survived; it contains the history according to Theophani who became a patriarch in 681 until Patriarch Daniel’s nomination in 1767. After a quick comparison, there are no differences between the Damascene and Breik’s manuscripts.
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