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Title: The Greek- and the Syriac-Orthodox Patriarchates of Antioch in the context of the Syrian Conflict
Other Titles: بطريركيّتا الروم الأرثوذكس والسريان الأرثوذكس الأنطاكيّتان في الأزمة السورية
Les patriarcats grecs-orthodoxes et syriaques-orthodoxes d’Antioche durant le conflit Syrien
Authors: Leonhardt, Christoph
Keywords: Greek Orthodox Patriarchates of Antioch
Syriac Orthodox Patriarchates of Antioch
Syrian Conflict
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: University of Balamand
Part of: Chronos
Issue: 33
Start page: 21
End page: 54
Oriental Christianity is not only a special part of global Christianity, but also its oldest one. The members of the ancient Christian community in the Hellenistic city of Antioch were the first to be called christianoi — Christians. But with the recent developments of the Syrian Crisis, the deep- rooted Christians of the region see themselves as a threatened minority. Since the Islamist rebel militia, the so called al-Dawlah al-lslamiyah ("The Islamic State") announced the establishment of a caliphate in parts of the region of northeastern Syria and northwestern Iraq, threats against local Christians have been occurring more frequently. Recently, Islamists have forced Christians to either convert to Islam, to flee, or in the case of refusal, they have even been killed (Gol 2014).
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Type: Journal Article
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