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Title: Pharmacotherapy for Alzheimer's disease: what's new on the horizon?
Authors: Khoury, Rita
Gallop, Amy
Roberts, Kelsey
Grysman, Noam
Lu, Jiaxi
Grossberg, George T
Affiliations: Faculty of Medicine 
Keywords: Alzheimer’s
Clinical trial
Disease-modifying treatment
Issue Date: 2022-07-11
Publisher: Taylor & Francis Online
Part of: Expert Opinion on Pharmacotherapy
Volume: 23
Issue: 11
Start page: 1305
End page: 1323
Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a debilitating disease, with no cure. Recently, a monoclonal antibody (aducanumab) directed toward amyloid aggregates was approved as a disease-modifying treatment (DMT) for the disease. Other compounds (symptomatic or DMTs) are at different stages of clinical trial development.

Areas covered
The authors conducted a search on PUBMED, MEDLINE, and for compounds in phase III clinical trials for cognitive impairment due to AD. Mechanisms of action and clinical trial data related to these compounds are discussed in this paper.

Expert Opinion
There is an unmet need for both treatment approaches (symptomatic and DMTs) to improve outcomes in individuals at different stages of the AD continuum. Future trials with symptomatic therapies should rely on biomarkers to improve enrollment of participants with pure AD. More sensitive, innovative, and composite assessment tools should be used. Given the complexity and heterogeneity of AD, combining several DMTs with synergistic mechanisms of action is a promising approach to achieve a significant impact on reversing cognitive decline. We recommend testing DMTs early on in the disease continuum, even in asymptomatic individuals at risk for AD. Longer duration of follow-up in clinical trials with DMTs is recommended.
ISSN: 14656566
DOI: 10.1080/14656566.2022.2097868
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Type: Journal Article
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