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Title: Nurses and Midwives Role in Patient Sexual Health Assessment: A Cross-Sectional Study
Authors: Azar, Mathilde 
Kroll, Thilo
Chakhtoura, Hiba
Gebran, Vicky
Sailian, Silva Dakessian
Affiliations: Faculty of Health Sciences 
Keywords: Attitudes
Sexual health
Issue Date: 2022-01-01
Publisher: Springer
Part of: Sexuality and Disability
Volume: 40
Issue: 583
Start page: 598
A cross-sectional exploratory study was conducted to assess nurses and midwives’ attitudes and beliefs towards addressing patients' sexual health.A convenient sample of 305 nurses and midwives (professionals and students) were recruited from University Hospitals in Lebanon. The Sexuality Attitude and Belief Survey (SABS) was used and data about barriers to sexual assessment, sexual education and sociodemographic characteristics were collected. The sample included nursing students, 30.1%, staff nurses, 61.2%, and midwives, 8.6%. The mean age was 26.8 years, and 83.7% were females. Only 28.4% of the total sample received sexual health education, and 12.5% reported taking patients' sexual history. The total SABS score was 48.4, which is relatively high. Most nurses and midwives (72.2%) stated that they do not spend time discussing patients' sexual concerns, viewing sexuality as 'too private an issue to discuss' (68.9%). In parallel, a minority had the belief that patients expect nurses to ask about their sexual concerns (32.7%) and felt confident in their abilities to address patients' sexual issues (30.3%). SABS score was significantly associated with the participants' gender, status, care unit, sexual health education and history taking.This study provided a preliminary appraisal of Lebanese nurses' and midwives' approaches towards patients' sexual health assessment and highlighted the obstacles that hinder appropriate sexual health practice. Based on the findings, there is a need for initiatives at the level of education and practice to develop nurses and midwives' competence and improve patient outcomes.
ISSN: 01461044
DOI: 10.1007/s11195-022-09739-x
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Type: Journal Article
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