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Authors: Abbas, Nivine H. 
Affiliations: Faculty of Health Sciences 
Co-authors: Hiba Rouaiheb
Rana El-Bikai
Keywords: Obesity
Parents’ perceptions
Children health
Issue Date: 2022-04-22
Conference: World Children Conference ( 22-24 April, 2022 : Antalya, Turkey )
According to the World Health Organization, obesity today is considered one of the most visible public health problems, yet the most neglected. In Lebanon, it is reported that 40.2% of 6-11year-old boys and girls were found to be overweight in 2017. Obesity has been linked to many health risks. Parents play an important role in determining a balanced lifestyle for their children, yet research shows that they may not identify the detrimental consequences on their children’s health if they have a BMI higher than the normal. The aim of this research is to study differences if any, between parental perception and the actual weight status of children in the north of Lebanon. In addition, to assessing knowledge of parents with respect to the potential health risks associated with obesity and overweight. This cross-sectional study involved parents of private elementary students in Tripoli and Koura districts in Lebanon and was implemented over the period of 2 years (2019-2021). Our preliminary data show, a total of 340 subjects who voluntarily participated, with a majority of fathers (86.3%) and around 40% of mothers being overweight and obese. 61.3% of participating parents underestimated their child’s weight, while 59.2% and 50.5% of children were overweight and obese respectively. About 50% of parents reported being unconcerned about their child becoming overweight in the future despite the high knowledge reported by most parents when asked about the health risks of weigh excess. Mother weight status was found to be significantly associated with parental underestimation of child weight (p=0.0068). Our research stresses on the importance of studying parental perceptions and knowledge related to their children’s weights and its implication on their health status when adult. Efforts are still needed to spread awareness about the health risks associated with obesity and its deleterious effect on shaping a healthy population.
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Type: Conference Presentation
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