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Title: Transportation management system for public transportation plan in Koura caza
Authors: Khalife, Rayan
Advisors: Gerges, Najib N. 
Subjects: Transportation engineering
University of Balamand--Dissertations
Dissertations, Academic
Issue Date: 2021
The transportation sector in Lebanon is in a dire state. The country suffers from traffic congestions, pollutions, car accidents, and poor road quality. One of the many possible solutions is to improve the public transportation sector by encouraging the commuters to minimize the use of the private passenger cars by providing a decent bus transit system. The usage of a well-studied bus transit system, not only helps counteracting the negatives above-mentioned, but also helps in improving the level of service of both the roadways and the existing traffic lights. This project is the first step in determining the degree of improvement of level of service, which results from the implementation of a bus transit system, by first determining the level of service of the existing conditions of the main roads in the Koura Caza, the Chekka – Kousba roadway and the Bahsas – Kousba roadway, as well as the level of service of the three main traffic lights located in Kfarhazir, Amioun, and Kfaraakka. The results of the analysis show that the level of service of the existing segments of the roads ranges from acceptable to very good; however, the level of service of the traffic lights ranges from poor to acceptable. The implementation of a bus transit system will definitely result in a noticeable improvement regarding the level of service, especially the level of service of the traffic lights.
Includes bibliographical references (p. 48-49)
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Type: Project
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