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Title: The psychological manipulative role of media in wars : prototype of the July 2006 Lebanese war
Authors: Douaihy, Layal
Advisors: Andary, Rabih Al
Keywords: Manipulation, media messages, media roles, war, Hezbollah, Israel, Lebanon, reports, interviews
Subjects: Mass media and the war
Dissertations, Academic
University of Balamand--Dissertations
Issue Date: 2020
This report aims to provide a clear explanation about the master’s project I have been working on, in order to fulfill my academic responsibilities. The project is a film documentary about The Psychological Manipulative Role of Media in Wars: Prototype of the July 2006 Lebanese War. Through this documentary, we will shed the light on the subliminal media messages, more specifically on the psychological messages injected through the media platforms during the 2006 Lebanese war.
In this project, I studied and analyzed the media coverages during the Lebanese 2006 war, while shedding the light on committed media platforms between Hezbollah and the enemy’s platforms. It was also worth taking a closer look on the different mediated tools used at the time and examining their impact on the war logistically and psychologically.
Moreover, this project aims to understand what tools are used during media war coverages between the two parties in conflict and their consequences on the war. In the following project, you will be able to have access to Hezbollah and the enemy’s platforms and see what were the different mediated messages used, that stimulated the audiences as a whole and the affected communities more specifically, through many interviews and media archives. Many challenges have emerged in the process of this documentary on many levels. However, we have found a solution for each problem in order to proceed and achieve this piece of work. This project was an added value to my career, since I have been able to invest and cultivate the theoretical and practical knowledge I have gained throughout my academic years in the university, which this report addresses fully.
Includes bibliographical references (p. 15-17)
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Type: Project
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