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Title: Extension of the shelf-life of the oriental sweet "Sanyoura"
Authors: Khoury, Vanessa El
Advisors: Zakhem, Henri El 
Subjects: Food additives
Sanyoura (Lebanese cookies)
Issue Date: 2011
The aim of this study is to extend the shelf-life of "Sanyoura" as it is undergoing staling, hardening, and oxidation. Therefore, different additives were chosen at several concentrations to reveal the most suitable amount that restricts these phenomena. As well, a market survey was conducted in order to determine the most stable ghee in the market place based on the level of oxidative rancidity to be used afterwards while manufacturing "Sanyoura". . CMC was added as anti-staling and hardening agent at these following concentrations: C0 (0g), C1 (0.25g), C2 (0.50g), C3 (0.75g), and C4 (1g) to be tested after 14 days for the moisture content, pH, and microbial growth. Another set of experiments will consider the addition of BHT, anti-oxidant, at different concentrations: B0 (0g), B1 (0.05g), B2 (0.10g), B3 (0.15g), and B4 (0.20g) to be subject after 14 days to fat extraction using soxhlet and analyzed for the pH, moisture content, microbial growth, and oxidation state (rancimat machine). Trials with Potassium sorbate were produced with different amounts S0 (0g), S1 (1g), S2 (2g), S3 (3g), and S4 (4g) and tested after 14 days for any variation in the pH, moisture content, and microbial load. C2 (0.50g) was chosen to be the best concentration as regards of hardening and subjectivity to mold proliferation. B4 (0.20g) was the most excellent concentration considering the prevention of fat oxidation. Potassium sorbate was not found useful to be added since no bacterial count was observed from the beginning. "Nedgold" and "France beurre" were the ghee with the greatest oxidation stability in the market.
Includes bibliographical references (p.70-76).

Supervised by Dr. Henri El Zakhem.
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Type: Thesis
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