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Title: Study and analysis of the natural site land cover patterns extending from Bnachii to Ejbeaa
Authors: Abou Rjeily, John
Advisors: Abi Dib, Sana
Subjects: Land cover--Zgharta (Lebanon)
Issue Date: 2015
The aim of this work was to develop a beneficial forest study for the protected area present in northern Lebanon extending from Bnachii to Ejbeaa. The purpose was to study the evolution of forest cover in this area to understand whether the conservation policy adopted by the Ministry of Environment has worked out properly. To our knowledge, this is the first study ever that determines the forest cover and the borders of this natural site. The Ministry of Environment had announced that if any forest cover damage would occur in this natural site, further action will be taken to protect this area. One of these steps was to declare it a natural reserve, hence the present work which aimed at assessing any potential forest cover modification. We studied the evolution of forest cover patterns between 1960 and 2007, land use land cover, fire risk and forest cover maps. These maps were formulated using GIS. Data used to establish these maps were provided by the Directorate of Geographic Affairs of the Lebanese Army and the Ministry of Agriculture. Also site visits and surveys were conducted to support the constructed maps. A miniature survey addressing the social, economic and environmental aspects of the presence of this natural site was developed and distributed to stakeholders. Our results indicate that the forest cover has significantly changed over the study period, mainly because of human activities. The lands present in this area are both privately and governmentally owned, and consequently, the best solution would be to declare this area a Biosphere reserve to ensure the forest cover protection in this natural site.
Includes bibliographical references (p.43-45).

Supervised by Dr. Sana Abi Dib.
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Type: Thesis
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