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Title: Reinforcement of 3D printed concrete
Authors: Khadem, Mahmoud
Zaydan, Nicole
Advisors: Aouad, Georges 
Subjects: Concrete construction
3D printing
Dissertations, Academic
University of Balamand--Dissertations
Issue Date: 2018
3D concrete printing is a promising fabrication in the field of construction nowadays. The main advantages of 3D printing are: no form-work, irregular geometries, less labor force, lower cost and fast production. The need for fast construction methods leads to the burst of 3D concrete printing. The aim of this project is to study the link between layers and find a way of reinforcing it. In addition, coming up with a standard test for 3D printed concrete elements is a main objective. First a mix was developed and calculations were done to get the exact dimensions of the printed specimen. Specimens were reinforced by bolts and nails to study the link between layers and weakened by having tensar and tissue papers introduced between the layers along with a standard non-printed and printed non-reinforced elements as references for comparison. Results showed that nail-reinforced were better than the boltreinforced elements. Nail-reinforcement helped in upgrading the printed specimens to sustain a load equal to the standard non-printed specimens. Finally, the tensar and tissue papers helped in proving the consistency and efficiency of the newly developed standard test used for 3D printed elements.
Includes bibliographical references (p. 30).
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Type: Thesis
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