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Title: Assessment of commercial fish species in north Lebanon 2006 - 2011
Authors: Nader, Manal 
Indary, Shadi A. 
Stamatopoulos, Constantine
Affiliations: Institute of Environment 
Institute of Environment 
Keywords: Artisanal Fisheries
Data collection
Subjects: North of Lebanon
Issue Date: 2012
Part of: INOC-CNRS, International Conference on "Land-Sea Interactions in the Coastal Zone"
Start page: 478
End page: 484
Conference: INOC-CNRS, International Conference on "Land-Sea Interactions in the Coastal Zone" (06-08 November 2012 : Jounieh-LEBANON) 
Commercial fisheries data including landings and effort in the Mohafaza of North Lebanon and Akkar were collected on a regular basis since January 2006. Data collection was undertaken twice per week all year round from the four main fishing harbors and main fish markets, while fishing effort was obtained from the records of the Lebanese Army. Data was then entered into FLOUCA application (Fish Landing Operational Utility for Catch Assessment) for analysis and the generation of results. The total fish catch in North Lebanon experienced a drop from 2006 (estimated at 3,457 Tons) until 2009 (estimated at 1,704 Tons) and started to increase again in 2010 (estimated at 2,544 Tons) to reach close to 2006 levels by 2011 (estimated at 3,228 Tons). Fishing effort fluctuated between 142,222 and 184,390 between 2006 and 2011. The minimum effort was recorded in 2006 at 142,222 fishing days due to the naval blockade during the Israeli War on Lebanon in July 2006 while the maximum effort was recorded at 184,390 fishing days in 2008. The Catch per Unit Effort (CPUE) in 2006 was the highest with a value 24.3 Kg/day and lowest in 2009 with a value of 9.8 Kg/day while fluctuating between these two values for the remaining years. The lowest overall price was recorded in 2006 at 4650 L.L./Kg of fish to gradually reach a maximum of 9105 L.L./Kg in 2009 and to drop again to 5730 L.L./Kg in 2011. (PDF) Assessment of the commercial fish species of the coast of North Lebanon 2006-2011.
Type: Conference Paper
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