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Title: How being from the morning or from the evening is affecting physically active people way of life?
Authors: Raad, Najwa
Advisors: Jacob, Christophe 
Subjects: Physical education and training
Issue Date: 2020
The study aims at exploring first the differences between the effects of morning and evening training sessions among Physiopilates members in Lebanon, and second it aims at analyzing the external factors and the main lifestyle differences among these people. In this project, we will investigate how the time of the day is affecting the peoples adaptations to Physiopilates. Methods: 50 women, from a private Pilates club in North Lebanon – Tripoli "Pilates & Beyond" (PNB) were asked to fill a questionnaire and accepted to take skinfold measurements body weight, height and date of birth. Women were chosen only during week days (Monday till Friday) and were divided into 2 groups: 1) from early morning sessions (8:00, 9:00 and 10:00 am) and late afternoon (16:00, 17:00 pm). In addition, they had to fill the daily habits morningness-eveningness questionnaire (MEQ) and complete the Epworth Sleepiness Scale. Results: 46% of morning people join the evening sessions and 53.8% join the morning sessions. 100% of the morning people joining in the evening had to attend evening sessions because they have work during the day, although their preferred time to have a session if they are free to plan their day is around 10 am  3.. Intermediate type of people who joins the evening sessions also claim that their preferable time to do physiopiates is around 10am  3.3. Evening people join 100% the evening sessions; 50% because they have work in the morning and their preferable time is to train in the evening, and the other 50% is because they feel best in the afternoon hours. Conclusion: Diurnal preference in exercise training can influence performance, especially for exercise professionals who tend to reach higher level of professionalism. Training in the evening have more benefits than training in the morning. Although, women who participated in this project tend to participate in morning physiopilates sessions claiming that early training produces more energy and fits perfectly in their daily agenda.
Includes bibliographical references (p. 36-44).

Supervised by Dr. Christophe Jacob.
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