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Title: Radio controlled airplane solar modification and performance
Authors: Abdelhak, Alain
Abu Shakra, Rami
Advisors: Chaouk, Hamdi
Subjects: Airplanes, Radio Control
Issue Date: 2012
In March 2011, the main idea of the project began. The interest in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and RC planes resulted in the thought of modifying an aircraft in order to enhance its performance. After proceeding with the project, many achievements were accomplished. A careful combination of research, testing and hard work helped in accomplishing this interesting task. The battery and Solar panels were the main modification on this Wing Dragon Slow Flyer aircraft. Aerodynamic and structural analysis were conducted in order to ensure that nothing will be deteriorated and that the aircrafts materials are still safe eventhough there is a 12.78% rise in weight. A projected increase in the endurance of flight was extended by the Li-ION battery by 260% and was fairly enhanced due to the solar panels that were put in the configuration: four parallel in series along with four others in parallel (7.7% compared to 10% as calculated theoretically).A total of 280% endurance increase was achieved. Also the total weight increase (84.1 g) of the RC plane was adjusted by the positioning of the CG and the stability was regained. Furthermore, it is noted that Solar systems can be used in future designs to increase efficiency and be environmental friendly. The cost of thin solar panels is still high with low performance (5 to 7% efficiency) therefore much progress can be done if this technology is further developed. At the end of the project many recommendations were given. Mainly another mission can be put into this plane and the materials of the battery and solar, if developed can also increase the endurance by decreasing the charging time.
Includes bibliographical references (p.100-101).

Supervised by Dr. Hamdi Chaouk.
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Type: Project
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