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Title: Modeling the gyroscopic phenomena
Authors: Kasshanna, Michel
Fadlallah, Youssef
Advisors: Karam, Wissam
Subjects: Gyroscopes
Issue Date: 2015
The purpose of this study is to create a torque that would counter act an existing moment in space. This can be achieved by making a variation in the orientation of inertia present in the gyroscope. This variation produces the counter action. In addition, this variation on the orientation of inertia is a solution for astronauts working in space. The torque created by the Canad-arm while handling external objects needs to be counteracted in order to keep the international space station in its original orientation. Since the whole body (spaceship and Canad-arm) is a free object in space and therefor means the absence of a solid foundation to create the adequate reaction. This report starts with a brief introduction about the "Gyroscope" to introduce the idea, and allows the reader to know what it is. It then gives an overview of how the gyroscope started, and how it evolved. In addition, it focuses on the gyroscopic effect, the usage of Eulers equations of motion, and the transformation from a frame to another. Three studies are done in this report in aim to illustrate the case: study of a spinning top, study of a rotating wheel, and study of three wheels of inertia having two angular velocities on two different axes and linked together by a fourth wheel of inertia.
Includes bibliographical references (p.59-60).

Supervised by Dr. Wissam Karam.
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Type: Project
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