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Title: Domestic waste sorting and miniaturization unit
Authors: Ghanem, Gaby
Iskandar, Antoine
Advisors: Rishmany, Jihad 
Subjects: Refuse and refuse disposal
Waste minimization
Issue Date: 2014
Waste sorting and miniaturization is a very important step in the recycling process in the modern world, since it allows the recovery of a decent percentage of the resources contained in the thrown away garbage. The aim of this project is to take this technique into the domestic level in order to involve each individual within the process of waste management, miniaturization and recycling. The final output of this project will be designing and prototyping a fully operational domestic sorting and miniaturization unit, as a first step in implementing waste management into every household. The Domestic waste Sorting and Miniaturization unit (D.S.M.U.) will be able to fit under any ordinary kitchen sink. The unit is divided into two main mechanisms: The Horizontal Shaft Ball Grinder (H.S.B.G.) and the Vertical Shaft Compactor (V.S.C.). Operated manually and requiring a rotational speed of 60 RPM, and weighing just less than 18 Kg, the designed for glass waste miniaturization into cullets. On the other hand, the V.S.C. is lever operated and consists of an inverted jack to compact metals, plastics and paper; to be sorted by an assisting waste sorting mechanism. The entire unit is therefore operated manually and will not require any electrical consumption. Hereby, this is an environmental friendly unit, in design and in operation, will be comfortable for human usage. The implementation of this unit into households will increase environmental awareness and help build a more "Green" society.
Includes bibliographical references (p.81-84).

Supervised by Dr. Jihad Rishmany.
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Type: Project
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