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Title: GSM and UMTS radio network planning and design
Other Titles: GSM & UMTS radio network planning & design
Authors: Rabih, Hassan El
Advisors: Daba, Jihad S. 
Subjects: Wireless communication systems--Design and construction
Issue Date: 2015
This report represents a well-researched set of experiments in the field of radio network planning and optimization. The main objective of this work is the development of experiments that introduced to real life wireless communications technologies, equipments, and tools, and give the skills and the knowledge necessary for applications in the industry. This objective was met by properly designing the experiments in such a way to cover several wireless communications concepts that belong to the area of radio network planning and optimization and by complementing theoretical background with practical hands-on experience. The main report contribution is the set up and the development of wireless communications lab course based on four experiments. What differentiates this work is the fact that experiments cover most important wireless communications technologies from different generations, and they are built around three state of the art professional and commercial radio planning tools. Also, experiments structure is designed in a way to provided with all the necessary materials and guidance so that to fulfill the academic as well instructional objectives of each experiment.
Includes bibliographical references (p.61).

Supervised by Dr. Jihad Daba.
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