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Title: Study of the left ventricular oxygen consumption based on muscle-geometry integrated model
Authors: Merheb, Natasha
Advisors: Karam, Elie 
Subjects: Oxygen consumption
Issue Date: 2014
Modeling is one of the most effective approaches in conducting experiments. The purpose of this thesis is to study the effect of the different parameters on the oxygen consumption in the left ventricle and how these changes might be observed and correlated with the pressure volume area. In fact, this thesis is a continuation of a thesis presented by Vera Demerjian, in which her main focus was on the hemodynamics and the study of quick-release responses. In this model, the main focus was on myocardial oxygen consumption, and in order to have been able to observe and compare levels of oxygen consumption, a set of fourteen parameters were chosen to be varied (dimensions, preload, afterload, active and passive parameters) at three different heart rates. The variations of these parameters gave different results, thus each showing its own role in the ventricle and its effect on the oxygen needed, whether more was consumed or less.
Includes bibliographical references (p.158-160).

Supervised by Dr. Elie Karam.
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